What am I allowed to access when quarantined?

Being quarantined on Troy University's network limits the access you have to network resources. You will only be allowed to access Troy University websites as well as a few other places you will need access to in order to get your computer out of quarantine. These sites include Anti-Virus Software sites and sites such as Microsoft Windows Update Services, along with other on-campus remediation resources you may need. These might include school-provided versions of anti-virus or anti-spyware products, etc.

In order to get out of quarantine, you will need to make sure that your operating system on your computer is completely updated and that you have an approved antivirus program installed and completely updated. Approved antivirus programs include:

AVG McAfee Sophos
Avast AV McAfee NA SpySweeper AV
Authentium McAfee 45 Symantec
AVGuard Panda Symantec Corporate
BitDefender NOD32 TrendMicro
EZ Antivirus   TrendMicro Corporate
ZoneAlarm AV


There are many antivirus products available. Some are free and some require subscription fees for continued protection. Many computers come with trial versions of subscription based anti-virus products. If your trial period ends and you do not subscribe and pay the subscription fee you will not receive future updates, your computer will not be protected, and Safe-Connect will not allow your computer to connect to the network.

For more information on Impulse and what is required to connect to Troy University's network, please click here.


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