How and when will I receive my scholarship?

Receiving Your Scholarship


Funds are disbursed to your account based on your enrollment after the end of the free drop/add period. The policy of disbursing funds after the end of the free drop/add period is a University Policy created by the senior administration.

Remember, if you adjust your course load up or down after the end of the free drop/add period, your advisor should contact the financial aid office indicating the change in credit load. The financial aid office will be disbursing aid based on the number of credit hours you have at the end of the free drop/add period or Census Date.


If tuition is to be paid with financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc), and all financial aid eligibility requirements have been met, financial aid will be applied to the student’s bill after drop/add. Then, if a refund is due the student, it will be paid to the student based on the delivery method chosen by the student with their BakMobile refund selsction kit.

Student Financial Services will issue refunds within 3 full days of a credit balance on the account wich is usually three weeks after the first day of classes. Students are expected to be prepared with sufficient funds for maintenance, books, and supplies for at least three to four weeks.

Calendar of Dates

For a list of important financial aid dates, please visit the Office of Financial Aid Calendar web page or the Priority Dates/Deadlines web page. 


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