What Devices Can I Have In the Dorms from a Technology Perspective?


This article list devices for the Dormitory Networks.


Prohibited Devices:

Networking devices such as wireless routers, network switches, network hubs, WiFi extenders, network based cameras/security systems such as Ring, Blink, Simply Safe, etc are prohibited and other miscellaneous devices such as Cameras such as Google Nest Camera, Blink, Ring, Arlo, or Wyze cameras, WiFi smart plugs are not supported and will not work with the University’s deployed NAC system.



Allowed Devices not supported:

All of the other devices you listed below with the exception of printers are permitted in the Dormitory area only.  Smart watches are typically frowned upon in the Academic/Administrative areas.  For wireless printers, we recommend setting them up in “Ad-Hoc” mode for the simple reason that allowing them on the network would allow any other user on the dorm WiFi to see that printer as well and could result in an intrusion of your students device as well as waste of resources such as paper and ink. 

SmartTV's, Most Major Streaming Media Devices such as Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FIre, NVidia Shield TV, Google Chromecast, etc.  For best results and less issues, we recommend Roku, AppleTV, or Amazon Fire Stick/Cube.

Digital Assistants such as Alexa Echo/Dot/Show, Google Nest Hub, Apple Homepod Mini and other such assistants should work with little to no issue but IT does not support these devices for students.

Other devices such as WiFi connected lighting, household appliances, health and fitness monitors, as well as other IoT type devices.


Allowed Devices Supported:

Apple iPads, iPhones, most Android phones and most Android tablets should have no issue authenticating to the network and do not require any software to be installed to operate, just have them authenticate at https://auth.impulse.com

Mac and Windows based computers will have to install a small applet called the MetaAccess NAC Policy Key which will be available for download once the computer is connected to the network and a browser opened and pointed to https://auth.impulse.com.  Students will use their Troy email account and password to log into the network and then will be prompted to install the applet.  Authentication will occur once every 152 days in dorms and daily in academic/administrative network areas.  If a student moves their device from the dorms to academic/administrative areas or vice versa the authentication period is related to where the device is connected.



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