How to Login to the University Network?


If the network login page does not come up automatically, then a user can open any browser and type in or click here Network Login Page

  1. Safe*Connect is a network access control technology the college is using so it can provide network services that comply with Troy University policy:
    specific network behavior must be attributable with an individual,
  2. devices on the network must be configured to prevent abuse.
  3. Safe*Connect will allow the campus to comply with the first requirement by requiring users to authenticate with TrojanPass UserID (without the and TrojanPass Password before allowing them to use wireless network services. When you authenticate, the system records which network address you were assigned and how long you used it. That combination of data allows the campus to associate questionable network behavior with a specific user account and the person to whom that account was issued. Your username and password are your keys to the network, don't share them with anyone. You are responsible for all acts performed using your account. If you are concerned that someone may be able to use your account change your password immediately.

    Safe*Connect can currently only enforce the configuration requirement on systems running the Microsoft Windows and Mac OSx operating systems. Client applications are being created for other operating systems. When those clients are available the campus will require their use too.


Users can find more information at the following link:  Internet and NAC



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