Web Development Best Practices


Web Development Best Practices


Usernames and Passwords

The account information for a Web site should never be given to an individual who is not authorized to maintain the Web site. Delete any account information from the computer prior to transferring it to another department.

E-mail Addresses

Avoid the inclusion of individual faculty/staff e-mail addresses in a Web page whenever possible. Instead, list only the name and other contact information and instruct visitors to use the on-line faculty/staff directory to locate an e-mail address.

Web Site Organization

Files used in a Web site should be well organize and easily identified by name and location. For example, photographs and other graphics files are typically placed within a sub-folder named "images". Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files are usually stored in a sub-folder titled "documents".

Management of Web Sites

Official University Web sites should only be managed using official University computers. Do not use personal computers to update departmental Web sites.

Personal Information

Private data such as name, address, and birth date should not be collected online unless via a secure method approved by the Information Technology department. Employee/Student identification numbers must be used instead of Social Security Numbers.


Official Troy University Web sites should not be used to advertise another entity or product.

TROY Graphics/Logos

Use of Troy University branding materials is strictly controlled. TROY logos may not be altered. Consult the Graphics and Standards Manual or the Office of Marketing and Communication for more information.


Official Troy University Web sites must be hosted on a troy.edu domain. The use of other types of domains such as “.net” or “.com” is generally not permitted.

Web Address

Only the Homepage located at https://www.troy.edu may be used in publications and marketing materials. The address for a specific page or Web site, except for the Homepage, may not be advertised.

Technical Support

Contact the Webmaster at your campus or site if you require assistance with updating an official TROY site or have questions related to your Web site.

Faculty/Staff Pages

Individual student Web pages may be hosted on http://prism.troy.edu. Individual faculty pages may be hosted on http://spectrum.troy.edu.



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