Web Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the Web Division?

The Web Division is responsible for managing a group of websites, including my.troy.edu, which are used by students, faculty and staff. The Web Division is a component of the Office of Information Technology, which works in cooperation with many groups throughout the University community.

You may contact the Web Division by sending an inquiry to web@troy.edu or by calling 1-334-670-HELP (4357).

Does the Web Division manage all of the official University Websites?

The Web Division focuses on the management of websites used by current students, faculty and staff, including all areas of my.troy.edu, sos.troy.edu and it.troy.edu. On www.troy.edu they are responsible for managing content that falls under Financial Affairs and Online Education. Though not directly responsible for many web-based services, they also provide branding assistance and expertise to other groups at the University.  

What is the difference between www.troy.edu and my.troy.edu?

The www.troy.edu website is structured to provide the best experience for prospective students and external audience. Marketing and Communication manages all aspects of the www.troy.edu website, though many faculty and staff directly contribute to the editing and publication of content.  

The my.troy.edu portal is the where information for current faculty, staff and students is located. It also serves as a hub to many other services. IT manages all aspects of the my.troy.edu portal. Content is provided by faculty and staff via requests submitted to the Helpdesk.

How do I request updates to a Website?

Updates to IT managed websites (including all areas of my.troy.edu) should be submitted via our Helpdesk. If you are not sure what information to provide, or have other questions, please send an inquiry to web@troy.edu for assistance.

How can we get our Website updated if it is out-of-date and nobody knows who managed it?

Please contact the Web Division for assistance.

How do I establish a new website?

Please contact the Web Division to discuss your needs. For example, if it is more appropriate for the information to be located on www.troy.edu, they will share your request with Marketing and Communication.

Can I have a faculty website?

Faculty Websites are hosted on Spectrum (spectrum.troy.edu). They are not hosted on the other servers, such as my.troy.edu, but they are permitted to link from departmental pages to faculty pages on Spectrum. Faculty may request an account by completing a Helpdesk request. You may also visit the Spectrum Homepage for more information.

Can Students setup a personal Website?

Students may request an account on the Prism Web server by completing a Helpdesk request. More information is available on the Prism Homepage.

Can I add a form to my Website?

Yes. Please contact them to discuss your needs.

Can I add video and/or audio to the MY portal?

Yes. IT will need to review the file size, content, and format before it can be published. Videos hosted on YouTube may be permitted if they are hosted in official, University owned accounts.

How do I know where a website should be located?

Official content must be located on www.troy.edu or my.troy.edu. IT and/or Marketing and Communication staff can assist with determining where the content should be published. Official content includes divisional, departmental, and program information.

That type of content cannot be located on Spectrum or other third-party Websites. Individual faculty pages may be hosted on Spectrum.

How do I report a problem with an IT-managed webpage?

Faculty, staff, and students should use the Helpdesk system and provide as many details as possible. All others may use the Website Feedback form or send an e-mail to web@troy.edu. Please include the problem that you have identified as well as the web address (URL) where the issue was discovered.

How can I submit comments regarding suggestions for the University Websites?

Please send your comments to web@troy.edu or via our Website Feedback form.

What type of information can be sent in a helpdesk ticket when updating a website?

The Helpdesk provides the ability to include typed notes and file attachments. Please contact a member of the Web Division if you need to arrange another method of delivery for very large files.

How do I get an event published?

For the www.troy.edu Website you will need to contact Marketing and Communication. For my.troy.edu you may submit your requests via our Helpdesk.

Who do I need to contact about establishing a social network account with YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter?

Please contact Marketing and Communication regarding the management of social networking services.

Can I access webpage tracking stats (analytics) for my departmental website?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss.  



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