What are the rules within student housing?


Student Housing Rules


The following is a list of the Troy University Housing Resident's Responsibilities. 

  • To abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Oracle and the Policies.
  • To comply with reasonable requests made by staff, university officials, or fellow residents.
  • To meet all payment schedules.
  • To monitor and accept responsibility for personal behavior and the behavior of your guest.
  • To report violations of rules and regulations to appropriate staff.
  • To respect the rights and diversity of others.
  • To be serious in academic pursuits.
  • To participate actively in self-governance.
  • To contribute positively to the community by participating in educational and developmental activities.
  • To assist the university in safety and security measures.

For more information, the Resident's Bill of Rights, Resident's Responsibilities, Policies, and Standards of Conduct can be found on the Policies for Resident Hall Living web page. 




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