Do you offer financial aid for international students?


Financial Aid for International Students


Students who are on a F-1 Visa are NOT eligible to receive federal aid. Students must have an F-1 Visa to be considered for private loans and may NOT use a private loan as proof of Financial Ability. However, the edupass website has useful information and alternative sources of financial aid for international students. There are also private alternative loans that you may want to consider which are available to non-U.S. Citizens with a U.S. cosigner.

Once you have completed an application with your lender, a loan certification will be sent to the Troy University Financial Aid Office. For Student Financial Services to be able to certify your loan application, you must complete a Troy University Financial Aid Certification Form. This form is not a loan application.


  •  Be admitted to Troy University and have your F1 VISA.
  •  Contact a lender and complete their application process.
  •  Complete the Financial Aid Certification Form & FA Counseling for the appropriate year. 

More Information

For more information, please visit the Office of Financial Aid International Programs web page.



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