Can I repeat a class?


Repetition of Courses and Grade Forgiveness


Troy University courses may be repeated once for grade forgiveness, if the course is repeated at Troy University. Only the first grade earned for a course may be forgiven (not calculated in the GPA). The grades of courses repeated more than once will be calculated in the GPA. If the course being repeated is required for the program, then the last grade for that course must meet the program requirements.


Students may repeat a course in which they received a grade of "D", "F", or "W". Students who received a grade of "C" or below in the required research course must repeat the course and attain a "B" or higher grade to satisfy the research requirements in their program of study. Both grades will be counted as hours attempted in determining the overall grade point average. See degree program for additional minimum course grade requirements.

Academic Catalogs  

Information about Repetition of Courses and Grade Forgiveness can be found in the Academic Regulations section of the Undergraduate Academic Catalog or in the General Regulations section of the Graduate Academic Catalog

To view all undergraduate and graduate academic catalogs that are available, please visit the Academic Catalogs web page.



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