How can I charge my textbooks?


Book Charging

If a student has been awarded financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid and has approved excess funds after all tuition, fees, meals, and housing have been paid, the student may charge required books and approved supplies, not to exceed the amount of excess financial aid, up to $1200.

The book charging program is for students with approved excess financial aid, Chapter 31 VA, Alabama G.I. Dependents’ Scholarship Program, or Alabama Vocational Rehab. The student’s VA Form 1905 or other TA Form must authorize book charges and list the amount authorized to be approved for book charging.

Please see the academic calendar and/or book charging schedules for book charging dates and deadlines. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the correct textbook is purchased and received in a timely manner.

Important Dates and Information

Academic Calendar

Book Charging Schedules

TROY Online How to Order Textbooks

Office of Financial Aid Calendar

Office of Financial Aid Priority Dates/Deadlines

Purchasing Textbooks

Please refer to the “How and where can I buy my books” response.



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