TrojanPass: Student Account Information


TrojanPass accounts are created within 24 hours of acceptance to Troy University.  TrojanPass accounts will provide access to O365, TROY Email, Canvas, and many other IT services.

TrojanPass accounts, including email, will remain active for approximately two years after graduation, or last date of attendance.  These accounts are disabled after the two-year time period, unless the student reaffiliates with Troy University through employment or re-enrollment.

Automatic forwarding of e-mails to an external account is not permitted for any TROY Email accounts.

NOTE:  When the account becomes disabled, the mailbox associated with the account is unlicensed.  After 30 days of being unlicensed, all data within the mailbox is permanently purged by Microsoft and can't be recovered by IT.

Troy University provides a lifetime email address for all alumni.
If you would like to request an account, please submit a request at




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