How to Manage your Adobe Sign Documents


How to Manage your Documents

Within your Adobe Sign account, you can see all forms you have interacted with as well as share documents and view the history of each document.

In this view, you can see all documents, grouped by status and take actions on each document.


In Progress: Documents you have sent or signed that have not been signed by all parties
Waiting for You: Documents that are awaiting your signature
Completed: Documents that you have been signed by all parties
Canceled: Documents that have been declined or cancelled that you signed or sent
Expired: Documents that have been in the signature process for over 1 year and have not been completed.

Actions (located on the right side of screen when a document is selected):
Note: not all the actions below will be listed for every form. The combination of available actions will vary depending on the status of the document.

Open Agreement: Opens the selected document for easy viewing
Reminders/Remind: Allows you to set up and see existing reminders for signers of selected document
Cancel: Allows you to decline or cancel selected document
Download PDF: Opens a PDF of selected document that can be downloaded or printed
Download Audit Report: Opens a PDF of the Audit Report of the selected document that can be downloaded or printed
Hide Agreement: Makes the document no longer visible to you within Adobe Sign. Note that this does NOT cancel the document, if it is still in process, it will continue to go through the signature process.
Share:Allows you to specify email addresses you would like to share selected document with
Add Notes:Allows you to make notes on selected document
Download Individual Files: Allows you to download individual PDFs when there are multiple documents sent at once. (We currently do not have processes that send multiple documents at once, so this will work much like the Download PDF feature.)

If you have trouble filling out the request or have difficulties uploading documentation, please contact IT at or call 334-670-HELP (4357) .



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