Can I make my signature look like my physical signature?


Instructions on how to add and remove a saved signature in your Adobe Sign account.


If you do not like the default Adobe Signatures, you can easily add your own signature through one of several methods.

When you are prompted to sign a document, you can type, draw, upload and use your mobile device to create your signature. Below are instructions for each method. If you leave the Save box checked, your drawn or uploaded signature will be saved for future signatures.

Draw - This allows you to draw your signature using an input device on your computer. This method works best if you use a touchscreen or use a stylus type input device.

Upload - You can select a file already saved to your computer that contains your signature. Make sure that there is little white space around your signature. The entire image will be placed in the signature field. This method is not the recommended method of adding your signature to Adobe Sign.

Mobile- You can enter your cellular phone number and you will be sent a text message that will contain a link that will allow you to draw your signature using your finger or stylus on your mobile device. Once you tap Done, the signature you drew will be sent to the form you are completing and you will see the signature in the signature box.


How do I removed a saved signature?

If you have a signature saved to your profile and you want to remove it, you will have to log into your Adobe Sign account and remove the saved signature. Once you are logged into Adobe Sign, click on your name in the top right  corner of the window and select My Profile.

This will pull up your Personal Preferences. Select My Signature from the list of options under Personal Preferences.

This will pull up your saved signature and initials. Clicking Clear will remove any saved signature or initial. Clicking create will allow you to create a new signature using any of the methods covered above.



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