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How do I revalidate my E-mail address?

  1. Login to the SOS system.

  2. Enter your Username and Password

  3. Click the Services Tab from the Dashboard

  4. Click the Validate Now Link

  5. Click Validate Now

  6. You will get the Validation code successfully sent message. If you do not get the validation code in your Email, check your junk mail folder or spam filters. Also, you may need to check the spelling of the Email address you entered.

  7. If you need to correct your email address, re-enter your Email address and click Resend Validation Code.

  8. Click the hyperlink in the email from to validate your Email address.

  9. Click the Click here to complete signup hyperlink to return to your account.

  10. Your Email account should now be active and ready to receive Email notifications.



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