I am getting emails that state: Dear (your name), Your password for account (your Web Express ID) expires in 4 days. Please change your password within Trojan WebExpress as soon as possible to prevent further logon problems. For information on how to reset or change your Trojan WebExpress password please visit Troy University's IT Website. Thank You, Troy University IT What do I do?

You will receive an email that is informing you that your Web Express password is about to expire. However it is possible to receive a phishing attempt trying to obtain your username and password. The first thing to determine it is valid is to look to see if it contains your name that is recorded in Web Express. It will also include your Web Express user name. This does not guarantee it is authentic but is a good way to eliminate most phishing attempts.

Next you will navigate to the Trojan Web Express login web page. You may ask why we do not include the link in the email. This is due we do not want you falling victim to a phishing attempt. A phishing attempt will always include a web link to a page that may in fact look exactly like the Web Express login page. However it has a sole purpose of collecting all data you enter as you try to change your password. Many times it will give you login errors to record as many possible passwords as you try different passwords.

Go to http://splash.troy.edu/go-to/webexpress/ and click on “>> Continue to Trojan Web Express”. The Trojan Web Express will open. Click on “Log In” as you normally do when you are logging into Trojan Web Express.

This page will open:

Notice the arrow above. Click on “Change Password” and the page below will open.

Follow the instructions on the page.

Also consider these notes if problems occur:

When attempting to change your password please use Internet Explorer from a desktop or laptop to perform the change, or if on Mac use Google’s Chrome. Avoid Firefox as it has known issues that will cause the operation to fail and avoid using Mobile devices like cellphones and tablets unless there are no other available options. (Most common problem)

The new password format requires at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number. The new password has to be between 8 and 25 characters in length. It also cannot be any previously used passwords and cannot contain any special characters. (!,@,#,$,%, etc…)

Should you encounter the "Username/Password Incorrect" message, be sure to enter your User ID as all lower case without @troy.edu and that you are entering your old password into the “Old” password field.

Should you encounter the "Not permitted to change your password" message, make sure that your new password matches in both fields, it has never been used with us before, does not contain your first name, last name, middle name, social, birth date or any special characters.

If you still cannot change your password; please submit a Helpdesk Ticket so we can assist you.

Click the link to enter a Helpdesk Ticket http://helpdesk.troy.edu.


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