How do I share Microsoft Word documents with people who do not have Microsoft Word or the same version of Microsoft Word I am using?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) file format is commonly used to share Word documents among readers who might not have Word installed on their computers. The format preserves a document's layout and prevents editing in Word. Although Word does not provide a direct way to save documents in this format, many third-party software products provide the capability to convert Word documents to PDF and to convert PDF files into the Word file format.

Convert from Word to PDF and from PDF to Word

File converters can convert a Word document to a PDF file and vice versa. Although Microsoft does not provide these converters, several third-party tools are available.

Convert a PDF file into the Word file format

If you are working on a file in PDF format and you want to edit the file in Word, you can convert it to a Word document. Many third-party providers listed on the Microsoft Office Marketplace Web site provide converters that do this. Check the listings for providers that offer PDF-to-Word conversion

Convert a Word document to PDF

Many third-party providers offer software for converting Word documents to PDF files. For example, some of the Office Marketplace providers that provide PDF-to-Word converters may also provide Word-to-PDF converters. Visit the provider's Web site for more information. You can also search on the Web or ask for advice in the Word Discussion Groups.

Other ways to share Word documents

If readers of your document don't have Word, you have a couple of choices in addition to creating a PDF file.

Make an image of a Word document

Office includes the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer driver, which makes it easy to save a Word document as a Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) file. TIFF is a widely used format that can be viewed by many software programs, such as graphics software, software that comes with an optical scanner, and software for sending and receiving electronic faxes. In addition, many third-party providers offer TIFF viewers, which can be downloaded from the Web.

To make the TIFF image, follow instructions in the Help topic Save an Office document as a TIFF file.
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