How do I access my email?

Trojan E-mail Accounts

Once you have been accepted for admission and your start term is 18 months or less from today; your Trojan E-mail account is created within 24 hours.

You may access your Trojan E-mail account by visiting Access my Email.

Your Trojan E-mail username is your Trojan Web Express username with added to the end. If you do not know your Trojan Web Express username, go to Trojan Web Express, click the Students link, and click the “What's My User ID?” link.

Your Trojan E-mail password is the same as your Trojan Web Express password. You must go to Trojan Web Express and change your password from the initial password before logging into Trojan E-mail.

Resetting Your Trojan E-mail Password

Students, faculty, and staff can reset their password using TrojanPass.

Help with Trojan E-mail

If you need help accessing your Trojan E-mail, call 1-800-414-5756.


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