General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant end user notification

Published Date: May 24
Category: Stay Informed

How does this affect me?: Microsoft offers several connected services through enterprise Office 365 offerings which include such features as Office Templates and Online Pictures, which transmits data to Microsoft for processing (additional connected services are provided at the end of this message). Users of these features in products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint will receive an in-application notification making them aware of this.

What action do I need to take?: There is no action you need to take but may consider notifying your helpdesk.

Additional connected services include: Insert 3D Models, 3D Maps, Map Chart, Office Help and Quick Starts, Office Templates, Online Video, Online Pictures, PowerPoint QuickStarter, Resume Assistant, Send a Smile, Smart Lookup, Tell Me, Translator

Posted in Microsoft's 365 Admin Notification Center May 24, 2018


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