Bold360 Chat

1. Get started by logging in at:

2. Learn the basics by reading the instructions below



Ready for action? Switch between Away and Available in the lower-left hand corner by clicking on the applicable channels (chat, SMS, FB Messenger, email).

Green means Available, red means Away.


Quick Accept

Grab a chat without working on it right away.

Click Quick Accept to accept without working on it right away. Or click anywhere else to accept and move to your workspace.

Tip: When the timer runs out, the chat is reassigned.


Red spot?

The red spot tells you the customer is waiting for your reply.


Switch between channels

Click any chat, message or email to open it in your workspace. The active item is highlighted along its left edge.

Tip: The top item on the list may be the most urgent (newest chat/message, oldest email)


Transfer a chat

To transfer a chat to another team member, click the Transfer button at the bottom of the chat panel and select an available department or operator from the list.


My Wrap-up

Prepare your wrap-up without ending the chat.


Chat commands

In the chat panel, type a slash (“/”) to see the list of commands. Your administrator can also set up /slash commands for canned messages.

End a chat

To end a chat, click the End Chat button at the bottom of the chat panel.

Tip: You can also use the /end chat command.


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