How do I add or remove a saved signature in Adobe Sign?

1. If you would like to manage your saved signature or initials in Adobe Sign, you must first log into your Adobe Sign account by visiting Click the top Sign In button to log into Adobe Sign using your TrojanPass Credentials.

2. Once you are logged into Adobe Sign, click on the dropdown to the right of your name and select My Profile.

3. Select My Signature from the menu on the left side of the page.

4. If you have a signature saved that you would like to remove, select Clear to remove the saved signature. If you would like to create a new signature, select Create to be presented with a box that will allow you to draw your signature. The same can be done for your saved initials.

Note: You do not have to have a signature saved in Adobe Sign. If you do not have a saved signature, you signature will default to one of Adobe Sign's saved signature fonts.

5. Once you have saved your signature, you can log out of Adobe Sign. At this point, any time you are sent a form to sign via email, it will by default apply your saved signature/initials to the document you are signing.


Article ID: 116615
Mon 9/21/20 2:18 PM