How do I access my 1098-t tax form?

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Note: If the current tax year was the first year you attended Troy University you will not be able to log into the system until you receive the email letting you know the forms are available.

The 1098-t form will become available at the end of January of each year for the previous calendar year. If you have consented to receive the form online, you will receive an email once the forms become available.

  1. Login

    Visit the following URL:

    In the field labeled Site ID enter 10296.

    In the field labeled Username enter your TROY User ID Name. This is the same user ID Name as your TrojanPass user ID.

    Visit our Find Your User ID Name page if you do not know your User ID Name.

    In the field labeled Password the default is the last four digits of your Social Security Number. If you have logged in before you would have changed the password. If you need your password reset you can click the Forgot Password link on the web page or enter a helpdesk request here. If you still cannot access your 1098T form, please call 1-800-414-5756.

  2. Change Your Temporary Password

    After successfully completing Step 1 you must change your temporary password.

  3. Print Your 1098-T

    From the menu on the left select View/Print 1098-T.

  4. Save Your 1098-T
  5. Select Save to store a copy of your 1098-T. You may open the file and print.

    After you have saved your 1098-T click Logout to exit.

    For technical assistance please use the 1098-T Helpdesk Ticket page.

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