I continue to receive the following message: "Troy University does not allow the use of the Peer to Peer Add-In "Octoshape" application that you are running. Please close or remove the Octoshape Add-In application before connecting to the network.

The Octoshape software utilizes a grid streaming technology. With grid streaming technology, parts of the video and audio stream you watch may be delivered to your personal computer system via the personal computer systems of other end-users of the software, and the personal computer system on which you install the Software may also be used to deliver parts of the video and audio stream to other end-users of the Software only while you are viewing the same respective stream.

The peer to peer software is not allowed on the Troy University network.

To resolve this you can uninstall Octoshape add-in for Adobe Flash Player from your computer by opening Control Panel, select Programs and features, (Add/Remove Program).

When you find the program Octoshape add-in for Adobe Flash Player, click it, and then Click Uninstall.
Follow the prompts. A progress bar shows you how long it will take to remove Octoshape add-in for Adobe Flash Player.


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Mon 10/9/17 1:34 PM
Tue 2/18/20 2:26 PM