Requirement to use official Troy email address

Troy University requires that you use your official Troy email address when registering for your helpdesk account.  Your Troy email address is the University's official communication tool.  Please visit the helpdesk and update your profile, so we will be able to serve you better.

Thank you,
Troy University IT Department

Policy Manual

711.16 E-Mail Policy

All University official communications with the student will be provided through the Trojan E-mail address that is assigned to the student. All official information, (including but not limited to, student billing, faculty-student communications, registration changes, financial aid information and the like), sent to this e-mail address will constitute official notice. The University accepts no responsibility, for any forwarding of e-mail that the student may choose from their official Trojan E-mail account. The University is only responsible for ensuring the e-mail gets to the student’s e-mail account maintained by the University. All students are responsible for monitoring their Trojan E-mail account frequently. Students can access their e-mail by visiting and selecting the Trojan E-Mail link.


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