How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

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Dropping or Withdrawing From Classes  

A student who wishes to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, his or her credit load may drop a course or courses via Trojan Web Express.

The last day to drop a course without academic penalty will be assigned for each term or semester based on 65% completion of the length of the course. Dates will be published on the Academic Records Drop/Withdrawal web page. The 65% rule also applies to international teaching locations.

If you are dropping one course and remaining in others, please submit a drop form which can be found at Online Forms.

If you want to drop all courses even if it is only one course, this is a withdrawal. You will need to submit a withdrawal form, which can be found at

Dropping Classes Via Trojan Web Express

To drop classes, login to Trojan Web Express, click on Students, and click on Register and Drop Sections under Registration.

Academic Catalogs

Undergraduate students may consult the Academic Regulations section or the Tuition and Expenses section of the Undergraduate Academic Catalog for drop procedures.

Graduate students may consult the General Regulations section of the Graduate Academic Catalog for drop procedures.

Withdrawing from Troy University

For information about dropping all classes and withdrawing from Troy University, please refer to the “How do I withdraw from the school” response.

Refund Period

Refer to the “Will I get a refund if drop or withdraw from a class” response for more information about the refund policy for dropping or withdrawing from classes.

Refer to the “Where can I find an academic calendar” response and see the academic calendar of your campus for the dates of the refund period.


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