When and how can I register for classes?

How to Register for Classes

Before you can register for classes, you must be admitted to Troy University. To apply to TROY, please visit the TROY Admissions website and click the Apply/Login link.

Newly admitted students and current students of Troy University may register for online classes and on-campus classes using Self-Service or with their academic advisor. Please keep in mind that it is important that you contact your academic advisor prior to registering for upcoming classes. With your advisor, you should discuss any holds on your account, the courses you need to take, and the pre-requisites for those courses. 

To register for classes using "Student Planning", login to my.troy.edu, select the Self-Service tile, click the "Student Planning" box, and click the "Go to Plan & Schedule" link. If you are unable to register yourself or need assistance with registering, you will need to contact your advisor. You can review more information about how to use "Student Planning" at https://register.troy.edu/training-videos.html.

When to Register for Classes

Terms - registration begins 3 weeks prior to the end of the current term for the following term.

Summer Semester - registration begins during the first or second week of April.

Fall Semester - registration begins during the second or third week of April.

Spring Semester - registration begins in October. 

Specific Dates of Registration

To view a calendar which shows the specific dates for registration, please refer to the “Where

can I find an academic calendar” response or go to https://my.troy.edu/academics/calendar.html. 

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