Do you offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses?

Troy University's English as a Second Language program offers intensive English language instruction for non-native speakers. This program addresses the needs of students who plan to pursue further university study in the United States or who wish to sharpen their language skills for personal or professional reasons.

In addition to improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability, ESL classes also increase students' understanding of American culture and university life. Level I - V courses are offered for institutional credit; up to six credits of level VI courses can be used to fulfill the free elective course requirement towards an undergraduate degree, pending evidence of proficiency.

For further information, contact the director of the English as a Second Language Program on the Troy Campus or view the information about the English as a Second Language Courses in the Specialized Curricula section of the Undergraduate Academic Catalog

To view all undergraduate and graduate academic catalogs that are available, please visit the Academic Catalogs web page.

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