Is alcohol allowed in student housing?

The following policy will be enforced by the Housing and Residence Life Office.

Alabama law prohibits possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by those under the legal drinking age (21 years of age) and prohibits making alcoholic beverages available to persons under the legal drinking age. Underage students found in possession of alcoholic beverages will be asked to surrender the alcohol to the Residence Life Staff Member and a Residence Incident Form will be filled out. 

Residents of legal drinking age may consume alcohol only in the privacy of their room. No alcohol is to be consumed in any other areas of any residence hall. No open containers of alcohol are permitted outside of residence hall rooms.

Monies collected or generated by the group may not be used to purchase alcohol. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold, under any circumstances, or given away at organized student functions within the residence halls. Common source containers (kegs, punches, or other containers) will not be allowed in or around the residence halls. Alcohol and other drug misbehavior are at any time prohibited. No student shall furnish or cause to be furnished any alcoholic beverage to any person under the legal drinking age.

More information about the requirements for students living in on-campus housing can be found on the Troy University Housing web page.

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