Do you accept IB or AP credits?

International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) Credits


Troy University awards International Baccalaureate credit with the appropriate higher-level (H-L) examination score. After official scores have been received, evaluated, and certified, eligible credit will be posted to the student’s transcript. Credit is granted only for degree-seeking students at the undergraduate level. For more information, contact the appropriate registrar. IB credit will appear on the university transcript as a grade of P. Credit for IB credit is not calculated in the grade point average.


Troy University accepts a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Students must have official score reports sent directly to the Dean of Enrollment Services, Troy, Alabama, and make a request to have credit awarded through the appropriate registrar. Credit is not automatically awarded upon receipt of official scores. For more information, please contact the appropriate registrar.

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