What is plagiarism?


For information about plagiarism, view A Student Guide to Plagiarism, A Faculty Guide to Plagiarism, and other writing resources on the Libary Information & Help web page.  


Turnitin is a service used by Troy University that assists students and faculty in improving college writing by checking papers against information sources, e.g., the Internet, library databases, and other papers. TROY users now have access to OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, ETS e-rater Grammar Checking, and PeerMark.  

Refer to the “How do I access Turnitin” response for more information about Turnitin.

Citation Guides

Information about citing resources can be found on the Library Information & Help web page.   

University Policy on Plagiarism

Information about the policies of Troy University concerning plagiarism can be found in the Oracle, Troy University's official student handbook, in the Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures section.


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