Are new student required to live in residence halls?

Living Requirements for New Students

All new incoming students who have not reached the age of 19 by the last date of regular registration for the fall semester must reside on campus, if not commuting from home residing with parents. The commute must be within a one-hour commute.

Students may reside off campus with grandparents, brothers, or sisters that may live locally. A letter requesting this must be submitted to the housing office from the parents stating they are requesting permission for their son/daughter to reside off campus with their grandparents or older son or daughter. The letter should state the name of the person they would be residing with, the relationship to the student, and the address. This letter is submitted to the Director of Housing for approval.

There are special circumstances in which the student may have a legal guardian. This should be documented and accompany the request. The student, when granted permission, will fill out an off-campus card with the address they will be living at and submit it to Housing for clearance of any holds. This living arrangement would be for that academic year (fall & spring semesters).

More information about the requirements for students living in on-campus housing can be found on the Troy University Housing web page.


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