Netflix, Amazon-Prime, and Hulu are blocked in Academic and Administrative Areas. How can I use it for showing documentaries?

Netflix, Amazon-Prime, and Hulu were blocked several years ago on the Academic and Administrative networks due to abuse.  Professors can still request a variance to use Netflix, Amazon-Prime, and/or Hulu to show Documentaries only and must be accompanied with approval from the department dean.

Process for Requesting Access to Netflix, Amazon-Prime, or Hulu for Documentaries:

  • Open a Helpdesk Ticket using the button at the bottom of this page with details about your request including date and time it will be shown and the name of documentary.  All request MUST be made via a Helpdesk Ticket at a minimal of 48 business hours prior to the event and be accompanied by either an email or memo from the Dean of the college submitting the request.


Also note - Troy University does not obtain institutional accounts with the 3rd party streaming services listed below. 

Request must be made via a Helpdesk Ticket requiring the following information:

1.  Submit a request to your division Dean asking for approval to stream using one of the above services for a specific date & time via Email.

2.  Once that approval is given via email, you can create a new Helpdesk ticket asking for access to the streaming service, what date and time it is scheduled for, and what computer it will be used at including the computer name or IP address of the presentation/podium computer only (Needs to be a Wired Ethernet Connection, not wireless).  Uploading the approval email is required when submitting this ticket.

     For Windows 10 Computers:
     1.  Click on the Start button.
     2.  In the search box, type Computer.
     3.  Right click on This PC within the search results and select Properties.
     4.  Under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings you will find the computer name listed.


     For Mac Computers:

      1.  Click on the Apple symbol in the top left of the screen.

      2.  Select "About This Mac"

      3.  When the information window pops up, select "More Info"

      4.  In this new About window you will see the NAME line and the name of the computer is to the right of that.


     Note:  On the View basic information about your computer page, see the Full computer name under the section Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings  Laptops on WiFi will not be allowed at this time.


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