TrojanPass: Username Change

Changing your user name will affect your sign-ins for Self-Service, MO365/Email, Canvas, Networking Services and other TROY IT Services.


User name change request are granted for those who have a legal name change.  Employees must update their legal name with Human Resources before IT can proceed with the request.  Students will need to contact the Records department to update their legal name.


Changing the user name will change the name on the existing account.  It will not create a new account.  The password will not change and any data/emails will remain in the account.


Once the user name is updated, any emails sent from the former address will receive a non-delivery report stating the account is no longer valid.  Because the account is still the original account before the name change, the option to forward mail and/or create an alias is not available.


We recommend sending a notice from the account, either prior to the name change or immediately after, requesting those who communicate frequently to update the contact information.


If the MO365 account is connected to any clients such as Outlook or a mobile device, it will need to be removed and added back with the new user name.


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