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Troy University is pleased to offer all graduates a TROY Alumni email account ending in, hosted by Microsoft.

Student accounts, including email, will remain active for approximately two years after graduation, or last date of attendance.  These accounts are disabled after the two-year time period, unless the student reaffiliates with Troy University through employment or re-enrollment.  Troy University provides a new lifetime email address for all alumni.

Some of the features include:

  • Free
  • Maintain a personal calendar
  • Store personal contacts
  • 50 GBs of email storage
  • No Advertising

Function Changes:

  • No longer have free access to Office ProPlus (Desktop)
  • No longer have free access to Office Online and/or Mobile Apps


The Alumni Account is a new email account, and not the prior student account.
The prior student account will no longer be accessible, and will no longer be able to send/receive emails.
Automatic forwarding of e-mails to an external account is not permitted for any Troy University email accounts.


If you would like to request an account, please visit

Alumni Accounts can be accessed through the website,

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Troy University is pleased to offer all graduates a Trojan Alumni email account.