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Welcome to our Troy University Trojan Card web site. We are excited about our Trojan Card and trust you will find this information helpful. Our card program offers many services to our students. It serves as their official university identification card, access card, debit card for on-campus purchases, shuttle service card, meal plan card, laundry card in the dorms and as a discount card with participating, off-campus merchants. Our Trojan card is designed to make the student's campus experience more enjoyable by providing many services through a single card. It's simple. It's safe. It's convenient. It virtually eliminates the need to carry cash on campus and also entitles students to student only discounts at off-campus businesses.

Please take care of your Trojan Card. You need to protect this card just like a bank card. If your card is lost, stolen, or misplaced, you should immediately report it to the card office at 334-670-3293 during business hours; university police at 334-670-3215 after business hours; or suspend the card online at

It is our pleasure to serve you and to help make your TROY experience the very best it can be. Should you ever have a question or concern, please call our office at 1-334-670-3293.

What is the Trojan Card?

The Trojan Card is the student's official identification card at Troy University. Identification cards are mandatory and valid only to the person issued. This card must be carried at all times while the student is on campus and presented to any university official or duly constituted authority upon request. Refusal to identify oneself to an official of the university or any misuse of the ID card constitutes grounds for serious disciplinary action.

When do I get a Trojan Card?

All Trojan Cards are produced at the Trojan Card Office located in the Cashiers Office on the first floor of the Adams Administration Building. To help insure that ID cards are not duplicated, a new student must have made an ID card or picked up their ID card by the fourth week of the semester; otherwise, a fee of $15.00 will be assessed at the time an ID card is requested. Lost or stolen ID cards should be reported immediately to the ID Card Center and will cost $15.00 to replace.

What happens if I lose my Trojan Card?

The Trojan Card is issued to the student as a four year ID card. Loss or theft of your ID card should be reported immediately to the ID Center on your campus. The replacement cost of the card is $15.00.

How can I use my Trojan Card used?

  • To check out materials and print materials at the Library
  • To access meal plans or dining dollars at campus dining locations
  • To use the laundry machines located in the dormitories on campus
  • Trojan cash to be used at select campus locations
  • Admission to TROY sporting events and Fitness Center; discounts at arts and entertainment events
  • To ride the TROJAN SHUTTLE system free with your current Trojan Card
  • Discounts at merchants in community offering Troy university student discount

Who is in charge of the Trojan Card program?

The Trojan Card program infrastructure is managed by Information Technology at Troy University while day-to-day operations are handled by student Financial Services, through the Trojan Card Office.

Where is the Trojan Card Office?

The card office is located in 155 Adams Administration Building of the Troy campus of Troy University, in the cashier area.

How do I get in touch with the Trojan Card Office?

Call 1-334-670-3293 or email

What are the hours of operations for the Trojan Card Office?

Hours are 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session.

What is Trojan Cash?

These are funds that you may to add to your Trojan Card to use anywhere on campus the card is accepted. You are able to add Trojan Cash to your account in person at the Trojan Card Office or by calling 1-334-670-3293.

Once the money is on the account, it will not be refunded unless the account holder graduates or withdraws from the University. If there is no activity on an account for two years, the funds will be transferred to the Trojan Card operations account, and the card holder will lose the balance.

Where is Trojan Cash accepted?

The following are participating card locations:
University Store, Dining Hall, Trojan Center, Post Office, Library, selected copiers on Troy campus, Student Health Services, and campus laundry room.

What are Dining Dollars?

Troy Campus students not under a residential meal plan taking at least 9 undergraduate credit hours on campus will be required to purchase a $275 meal plan per semester. These funds may be used at the Trojan Food Court, Quick Zone in the Math-Science Complex and Herb's Place at Trojan Village.

These funds are valid till the last day of the semester and all unused funds are forfeited.

What is eAccounts and how does it work?

The Troy University eAccounts portal lets you review your campus card accounts and allows you to:
  • Check the balance of your Trojan Cash, Trojan Points, Dining Dollar and Meal Plan account.
  • View transaction history for transactions on your Trojan Card
  • View or download Monthly Statements for your Trojan Card accounts
  • Deactivate a lost or stolen ID card and the ability to reactivate the same card if it is located before you replace it

How do I sign up for eAccounts?

Enter your Troy University e-mail username and password, then click sign in. If you require assistance with your login, please contact the HelpDesk.

The first time a user signs in to eAccounts, they will need to provide their student ID number and email to get their record connected in eAccounts associated with the Blackboard Transact card management system.

Terms and Conditions

All registered students must obtain a Trojan Card. You must have the Trojan Card for identification purposes while attending Troy University. The Trojan Card is required to access university facilities, services, campus sponsored events, purchase/use various cardholder accounts, and receive student associated discounts. After completion registration for the first time and verification of identity, you will receive an official Trojan Card and thereafter are fully responsible. The Trojan Card is not transferable and must be carried with you at all times. I understand that I will be charged the amount of $15.00 for any replacement Trojan Card requested.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the ID Center on your campus or by calling the Trojan Card Office at 1-334-670-3293, or University Police at 1-334-670-3215 after hours. I understand that I will be charged the amount of $15.00 for a replacement Trojan Card.

If I fail to close my Trojan Card account when I separate from the university and I have a balance due to me, I will forfeit the funds in if there is no activity on the account for two continuous years.



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