University Police & Parking

Troy University Police Department provides many services for the students of Troy.  Some examples are, but not limited to:

  • 24 hour/ 7 days a week security and police services are provided by the University Police Department in the form of car and foot patrols.  The police have primary responsibility for patrolling all areas of the campus.  They also provide building checks and perform crime prevention tasks on the campus.  Police are dispatched through the City of Troy Police Department’s central communication center.
  • Operation ID is the service in which a student can bring personal belongings, such as a computer, to the police department where we will the put the item in our computers and mark it so that if stolen it may be identified later.
  • R.A.D. is the Rape Aggression Defense system that is a realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques seminar provided by instructors from both Troy City P.D. and University P.D.
  • S.A.V.E. Project stands for Sexual Assault and Violence Education.  It was established at Troy University in 1996 and is a program that provides information and helps better educate the students about issues including: dating and domestic violence, rape, date rape, stress management, and eating disorders just to name a few.
  • Arrive Alive is a project that the police department participates in every year, the week before spring break, fall break, Christmas break, and summer break.  There are University P.D. staff positioned at traffic lights and stop signs, passing out flyers with safety tips.
  • Escorts are given at anytime when a student feels unsafe walking back to their dorm or car.
  • Vehicle unlocking and jump starting car batteries- Troy University P.D. will assist students with dead batteries and students that have accidentally locked their keys in a vehicle that is located on campus.
  • Safety talks- Throughout the school year, the University Police Department host safety talks concerning a number of different subjects that are not limited to residential safety, self-defense, and protection against domestic violence and rape.
  • Traffic and parking monitors- there are traffic/ parking monitors that patrol the campus throughout the week, ensuring that vehicles follow the rules and regulations of the university.
  • Security checks are done throughout the nights checking dorms to ensure all the doors are locked and windows are closed.  Parking lots and other areas of low light are checked to make certain these areas have the proper lighting.


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