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Why is my gaming console not connecting to the internet or enrolling my gaming console?

If you haven't done so already, you must enroll your device following the steps below:


Log In (Use Troy Assigned Email Account ONLY!)

Make sure to have the MAC-Address or Physical Hardware address available at the time you log in.

Enter the correct information into the appropriate boxes and user MUST use their Troy assigned email account.

Please update this ticket when enrollment has been completed.


An email will be sent to an "Approvers Group" and they will either "Accept" or "Decline" the registration based on the information provided in the enrollment.  (If approved, you should receive and email of that decision).  Either way, the enrollment will be updated if approved or removed if declined for some reason.

Reasons for decline: Not using your email address, no valid phone number, MAC address is not the correct one or is for a non-gaming console.


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