How to Share Your Outlook Calendar

We use our calendars to keep track of more than just our own appointments and plans, but we can also create new calendars to share with others.

Create a new calendar

  1. In Office 365 Outlook, select Calendar > Add calendar  > Create new calendar.
  2. Give your calendar a name.
  3. Customize your calendar with a color, a charm, or both.
  4. Optional: Add your calendar to an existing calendar group.
  5. Select Save.

Share your calendar

  1. Select Calendar > Share Calendar.
  2. Choose a calendar to share.
  3. Select Add, decide who to share your calendar with, and select Add.
  4. Select OK and you'll see the added people with a default permission level.
  5. Choose a name, select the access level to give, and select OK.

Open a shared calendar

  1. Open an email with a shared calendar and select Accept.
  2. Select Calendar > Shared Calendars to view a shared calendar.
  3. Choose a calendar to open.
  4. Select View in Overlay Mode to layer the shared calendar over your own.

Linked below is a video demonstrating the sharing/opening process(es):

Share your calendar in Outlook


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