How do I submit an electronic form?

All electronic forms are housed under the owner of the form's page, which can be found on the Employee Resources page of the TROY website. You can access the electronic form by going to the departmental page within the Employee site and clicking on the department name. Within the departmental page, there will be a link to the Adobe form(s) that are available for that department.

i.e., if you need an HR form, you will need to go into the Employee HR page and select the "form" tab, if you need a form from Purchasing, you will need to go to the Purchasing page and select the "form" tab.

Some forms will require you to sign into your Adobe account. If that is necessary, you will see this page:

Once you sign in, the form will open up and you will see that many of the boxes with a red * (stars) beside them. Your form will NOT process without all of the red * (stars) being checked or filed in.

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