Who is my advisor and/or counselor?

Find Your Academic Advisor and/or Counselor

To view the name of your advisor and/or counselor, use "Self-Service". Go to my.troy.edu, select the “Self-Service” tile, click the "Student Planning" box, and click the "Go to Plan & Schedule" link. Once the window opens you will see the title “Plan your Degree and Schedule your courses”. Right below the title you will see; “Schedule | Timeline | Advising | Petitions & Waivers”. Select Advising. The tab will open and you will see your advisor and/or counselor listed.

For TROY Service Center or TROY Online students, you may view the name of your advisor and/or counselor by logging into Canvas, clicking the Student Resources link on the left side of the page, scrolling down a bit, and clicking the My Advisor box on the right side of the page.   

You can also find out who your advisor and/or counselor is by contacting the department of your academic program.  

Contact Troy University 

To contact a Troy University faculty member or staff member, use the TROY Online Personnel Directory or refer to the “How do I contact a student, staff member, or department” response.

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