I have been out of school for awhile and would like to be readmitted. What do I need to do?


Former Students in Good Standing:

Students who have not received a grade at TROY within two years and have not attended another institution must contact the Office of Admissions at 800-414-5756 for further guidance on registering for classes. 

Students in academic good standing with the University who have not been enrolled for two years (from the last term/semester for which grades were received) must submit a new application for admission at www.troy.edu/applications-admissions.

Former TROY students who enrolled at another institution since their last term/semester of enrollment must submit a new application for admission. Transcripts from that institution(s) must also be submitted.

Students Suspended from Troy University:

Students who have been suspended from Troy University must apply for readmission and may be readmitted under probation after serving suspension. Students must submit an appeal letter or email to the campus registrar where they were suspended from. Upon approval, the student will need to submit a new application for admission. If you are returning from a 1 term or 2 term suspension, no appeal letter or email is necessary. However, you will need to contact and/or meet with the student success center at your campus before being allowed to return.

Readmission to a Graduate School Program by a Student in Good Standing

A student who is not enrolled in courses for up to two years must contact the Student Services Office. These students are allowed to remain in the program for which they originally enrolled. A student not enrolled with Troy University for two or more years must meet all degree requirements current at the time of readmission and complete a Readmission to Graduate School Application. All students who have attended another institution of higher learning since last attending Troy University, must submit a Graduate School Application and provide official transcript(s) from that institution before re-enrolling.

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