What is academic probation?

Undergraduate Academic Probation and Suspension


Academic probation is a warning that a student's academic performance is below the minimum requirements for good academic standing and for graduation.


A student on probation who fails to earn a term grade point average of 2.0 or higher will be suspended. A student’s first academic suspension will be for one semester/term; the second suspension will be for two semesters/terms; and a third suspension will be for an indefinite period.

Suspension Period Regulations

Courses completed at any institution during a suspension period will not be accepted for credit. Students placed on indefinite suspension may petition for readmission following a period of twelve months.

Readmission after Suspension

A student returning after a suspension will be readmitted on probation. A student must earn or maintain a 2.0 average or higher or be placed on probation. A student on probation is limited to 13 semester hours (seven semester hours for accelerated terms) and must earn a minimum of a 2.0 average each subsequent term until the overall grade point average reaches the 2.0 level. Failure to meet the 2.0 term/semester GPA will result in further suspension. Suspension from all other colleges will be honored, including all Troy University locations.

Graduate Suspension/Dropped From Program

Information regarding Graduate suspensions can be found in the Graduate Catalog in the Academic Suspension/Dropped from Program/Retention section under Academic Regulations (see link below). 

More Information

More information about probation and suspension can be found in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog in the Academic Regulations section or the Graduate Academic Catalog in the General Regulations section.

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