Can you give me an example?

Pell Grant is one of the aid programs that must be reduced for students enrolled less than full-time. In this example, the student, Jamie T., was awarded a full-time Pell grant of $1,000 for the spring term. When the term began, he was enrolled in 12 credits; however, because of the demands of his part-time job, Jamie decided to drop one class and was enrolled in only 9 credits after the free drop/add period. As a student enrolled three-quarter-time, Jamie is eligible for only $750 in Pell Grant, so his award was reduced and he was sent a bill for the amount owed. If Jamie were to enroll in an accelerated term and for an additional 3 credits, he would have the $250 placed on his account. If Jamie added any credits after the end of free drop/add for the term, his site should notify the financial aid office.


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