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Can scholarships be deferred?

Deferral of Scholarships

Do I have to complete an exit interview for financial aid?

Financial Aid Exit Interview/Counseling

Do you offer financial aid for international students?

Financial Aid for International Students

Does anyone else have to provide information on my FAFSA® form?

Yes, a “Contributor” is a new term on the 2024–25 FAFSA form. It refers to anyone (you, your spouse, your biological or adoptive parent, or your parent’s spouse) who’s asked to provide their information, consent, and approval to have their federal tax information transferred automatically from the IRS into the FAFSA form (more on that later), and signature on your FAFSA form.

How do I access the FAFSA® form?

To start your online 2024–25 FAFSA form, you’ll need to log in to your account.

How do I make changes to my FAFSA?

Making Changes or Corrections to your FAFSA

What are the eligibility requirements for financial aid?

Eligibility Requirements for Financial Aid

What is Student Aid Index (SAI)? (Formerly EFC)

Beginning with the 2024-2025 academic year, the Student Aid Index (SAI) will replace the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) – an important factor in the needs-analysist calculation of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), the form used by colleges, states, and other scholarship providers to determine financial aid packages.

What is the FAFSA® Submission Summary?

The federal student aid application process requires the collection and processing of data necessary to determine a student’s eligibility to receive federal assistance. The process begins with an applicant submitting a FAFSA® form to the Department of Education.

What summer aid is available?

Summer Aid Availability

When is the financial aid application deadline?

Financial Aid Application Deadline