Do you have an alumni association?

Membership in the Troy University Alumni Association is open to everyone. All graduates, former students, and fans are eligible to become active members. Association dues help practically every area of the university -- from student scholarships to faculty awards to athletics. We welcome new members and value our renewing members.

For more information about the Troy University Alumni Association, visit the Alumni Affairs web page.

Join the Alumni Association 

To join the Troy University Alumni Association, complete the Alumni Association Membership Application found on the Alumni Affairs web page.

Alumni Email

Troy University is pleased to offer lifetime E-mail forwarding for all alumni. When you register, Troy University will forward all messages received through a special address to your own active E-mail account. This way, no matter how many times your E-mail address changes due to changes in Internet Service Provider or employer, you will have a permanent, easy to remember address that will help friends and colleagues stay in touch.

To register for an alumni e-mail address, visit the Alumni Email service page.


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