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What does RICOH provide after equipment is leased?

Ricoh provides print driver and scan installation on up to 5 end user PCs/Macs.  (If they have more, we can provide at an additional charge).  After setup/install, our tech or a member of our managed services team shows the end users in the department how to use the equipment (copy/print/scan), how to change toner and clear jams, who to call for support, etc.  

What support is available for RICOH printers?

For support centers, we direct end users to use as the best place to initiate service calls, order supplies, check on  supply orders etc. (We explain that we even absorb the shipping cost on supply orders placed thru the web portal).   At, they must enter their email address and set up a passcode. Once set up, they can only see the equipment and supplies/etc for their department.   They can also choose to set up personalized alerts for tasks that require attention such as meter reads, ordering toner, etc.

RICOH also provides a web portal and 800 number (found on the sticker on the front of the machine),  that provides 24/7 support for ordering supplies, dispatching a tech, troubleshooting issues, etc).  We have live technicians available for personalized troubleshooting from 7am-7pm, Monday thru Friday.  Ricoh also has prepared "how to" videos for each of our products and services which are available at both Ricoh's website and on YouTube.  We currently do not send a monthly/quarterly emails in regards to training.

What services can you receive on a TROY campus?

On the Troy, Montgomery and Dothan campuses, the managed services team is trained and typically does the same function as a TAS for departments new to Ricoh.  The only difference is, rather than directing them to call the 800 number or MyRicoh, they direct end users to call the Print Shop (or if in Montgomery/Dothan, the on-site Ricoh staff). They typically provide first response support within the hour.  Likewise, typical response time to get a Ricoh technician on-site for any of Troy University's support center locations (where we don't have on-site Ricoh managed services employees) is 4 hours or less.

IT does not support RICOH/IKON printer. If you need assistance, please call or email the following:

  • Troy Campus                        334-670-3230       
  • Montgomery Campus           334-241-9565       
  • Dothan Campus                   334-983-6556-21303          
  • Support Centers:                  334-313-1146        – phone trouble shooting
  • To place a Service Call         888-456-6457
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