How do I sign a document that has been sent to me?

  1. You will receive an email when it is time for you to sign a form. In the email, you will see blue text saying, “Click here to review and sign (document name). Click this link to be routed to the document needing your signature.
  2. You can then review the document and ensure all fields are correct. Once you are ready to sign the document, click the signature field.

  3. This will bring up a new window where it should display your digital signature. Make sure you name appears in box number 1 and click the “Apply” button. If no name appears in the signature box, type your name in the box and click the "Apply" button. Your digital signature will now be applied to the document. This signature is not a replica of your actual signature, it is a digital signature that is associated with your Troy University email address.

  4. Now you need to click the “Click to Sign” button. The document will now be sent to the next email address that was listed.

  5. If you find an error in the contract and need to cancel the form, click on the "Options" menu in the top left corner and select "I will not e-sign”.

  6. This will cause a window to appear where you need to enter the reason for declining. Once you have entered the reason for declining the document, click the blue “Decline” button.


If you have trouble filling out the request or have difficulties uploading documentation, please contact IT at or call 334-670-HELP (4357).

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