How large of an Email can I send and receive through the Trojan Email system?

The size limit on all outgoing or incoming Troy University email messages, including attachments, is 25 MB.  Email messages sent by an account which is connected to a mobile device via ActiveSync is 10 MB. Messages larger than this will not go through TROY’s email systems.  Attempting to send such messages will result in either an error message from your email client and/or a non-delivery report.

Some organizations outside of Troy University will reject messages above 8-10 MB.  When sending email messages to a non-TROY email address, you may wish to further reduce your message size:

  • Large or multiple attached files are the main reason that email messages exceed the maximum size limit. Though unlikely, it is also possible that the text of the message is too large. Remove attachments or edit the message until it is less than the maximum size. Alternatively, break it into several smaller files that individually do not exceed the limit.
  • Use a file compression utility to compress a large attachment into a smaller one, or to divide one large file into several smaller files you can then send separately. Both Windows and Mac operating systems have built-in compression software.
  • Save the attachment in your TROY OneDrive for Business account, and then give the recipient access to the documents either by providing the URL or sending a shared invitation.

Client Version

Size Limit

Message size limit - Outlook Client (PC)

25 MB

Message size limit - Outlook App

25 MB

Message size limit - OWA

25 MB

Message size limit - Outlook for Mac

25 MB

Message size limit - ActiveSyncDevices

10 MB

Size limit for new OME Encryption methods

25 MB

Size limit for legacy OME Encryption methods

25 MB




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