Information about the Admissions process at Troy University

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Can I be admitted with an HSED or GED?

Admission Policy for HSED & GED Students

Can I change my application for admission after it’s been submitted?

Changes to Application for Admission
Application Not Yet Submitted

Can I defer my admission?

Admission Deferrals

Can I register through Student Planning or do I need to register for classes through the GoArmyEd portal?

If you are using tuition assistance from the Army, you will need to register through the GoArmyEd portal for the tuition assistance to cover the classes

Do I have to declare a major to apply?

Declaring a Major During Application Process

Do I submit copies of my documents or originals?

Application Documents - Copies or Originals?

Do you require a personal statement?

Personal Statements / Essays

Have you received my Common Application from the GoArmyEd portal?

The Common Application comes to us the day after you complete it online; however, if this is your first time requesting tuition assistance, it could take up to five business days.

How can I confirm enrollment or a degree?

Enrollment and Degree Verifications

How do I appeal an admissions decision?

Appealing an Admissions Decision

How do I get a degree plan for ArmyIgnited?

Your degree plan is generated after we receive process your common application and is usually posted to your eFiles on your GoArmyEd account 3-4 days after you have been cleared by admissions.

I received a bill for the full amount of tuition. Why were my tuition assistance and military scholarship not applied?

The tuition assistance can only be invoiced on the 16th day of the month following the date when 19% of the class has been completed. Tuition assistance and military scholarships are applied at that time. If you have turned in all documents for your tuition assistance, there should not be any problems, but please check back after the 16th.

Is there an English language requirement?

English Language Requirement